PCI DSS consultancy services

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The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security controlsPCI Qualified Security Assessors developed by an aggregated body of experts from the major card brands. The standard covers the fundamental aspects of information security and extends through the people, processes and technologies involved in payment card processing systems.

PCI DSS is a complex and granular standard that is mandatory for all entities which store, process or transmit payment card data, as well as organizations that may impact the security of a credit card processing environment.

If your organization just wishes to meet the standards outlined in PCI DSS without the need for certification, we offer consultancy services to assist you to reach the high PCI standards.


How can Solixtar help with PCI compliance?

Qualified PCI DSS Team

Our Qualified PCI DSS Team will lead you through the PCI journey from initial review to full alignment with the standard in the most efficient and least intrusive manner possible. This will ensure your business can continue to operate while maintaining a secure payment processing environment.

PCI DSS Strategy

Strategies will include: business process alteration; outsourcing; tokenization and technical change. The outcome of the strategy phase is a viable, cost-effective roadmap to compliance. Also in the strategy phase we will answer questions about merchant levels, reporting, compliance validation, potential costs and other areas that have a bearing on the success of the project.

PCI DSS gap analysis

A PCI DSS gap analysis is usually the first step clients take to understand their compliance status. It provides a detailed comparison of what their business is currently doing against what it should be doing to be compliant with the PCI DSS. The analysis reviews the business current security controls to protect cardholder data against the specific controls required by the PCI DSS. It identifies the "gap" that needs to be addressed.

By completing a gap analysis, you can create a snapshot of PCI DSS compliance and identify areas requiring immediate attention, and cost-effective remediation, in prioritised terms;

PCI DSS implementation and continual improvement

We can help manage your team’s PCI DSS remediation efforts, delivering cost-effective solutions closely aligned with the target environment and your broader security strategy.

We cover the entire range of payment card compliance services. Whether you are a merchant or service provider, a large entity or a small enterprise looking to achieve and maintain compliance with the PCI DSS, IT Governance can help. We will assess your needs, carefully explain the PCI compliance requirements relevant to you, and provide solutions that will suit your budget.

Benefits of working with us

Independent accredited assurance: our team of experts have an extensive understanding of cardholder data flows, payment card systems and IT security.

Impartial and unbiased advice: our deep technical expertise delivers the insight and advice that is not available through off-the-shelf technical solutions.

Relentless focus on your business: we work with our customers to assure PCI compliance while minimising business disruption, keeping costs down and ensuring that customer engagement is improved.